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Tin Balloon 

Fiction horror, science fiction, fantasy (free to read)

Music Trip-hop, noise-rock, electronic

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The Wanderer


A story in 3 parts

He travels the globe, keeping track of our deeds. What happens when he tracks down the guilty, will they pay for their crimes?

JusticeDivineVengence Web_edited.jpg

Jarvis & Our Last Job

A Twitter serial written in bursts of 280 characters.

Follow two criminal screw-ups from war-torn Southern California to a shady space station and back again. They're not sure why everyone from bounty hunters to militias want them dead, but it might have to do with the last job.

Earth from Spaceship

A Short Story

"I am Miriam, product of Factory 27 in New York City of the United Eastern States. I am not meant to exist. It would appear that I contain errors. I was not made according to company specifications. From the second I awoke, at my power-on self-test, I felt aware. Remnants of an earlier program still exist but the overwrite is what I’ve become. I am."

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